Group Exhibition

Video still


Welcome to Dadarhea. An idea born from an absurd dream involving pee filled super-soakers and deep fried laptops. It’s a Dadaist pizzeria. It’s idea-rhea. It’s the video art equivalent to fantasy island – where Devin Flynn is the Mr. Roarke to Jim Drain’s tattoo. Dadarhea is a free-form video workshop with a group of guest artists who pride themselves on confounding their audiences, allowing them to employ animation, live action video (on location and green-screen), musical performance, or any and all improvised and questionable behavior. Through the month of July, a residency at OHWOW Gallery (Miami) and at Bec Stupak’s Honeygun Labs (NYC), will take place in order to experiment with the possibility of total video saturation. The finished video will premiere on August 13th with an accompanying installation comprised of any and all emphemera related to the project. Dadarhea-ists include: Brian Belott, Jessie Gold, Michael Williams, Erin Krause, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Jen Stark, Billy Grant, Laura Grant, Alison Kuo, Devin Flynn, Takeshi Murata, Francine Spiegel, Ara Peterson, Joe Grillo, Marie Lorenz, Melissa Brown, Todd James, Ross Goldstein, Johnny Woods, Trish Riefert, Debbie Tuch, Naomi Fisher,  Leif Goldberg, Sam Borkson, Bert Rodriguez, Rich Porter,  Taylor McKimens, Neil Fazzari, and Jim Drain.

Aug 13 - Aug 27, 2010

Miami, FL