Eric N. Mack

Eric N. Mack
Floral Expressions of Harlem, 2017
Acrylic, dye, paper, and pins on moving blanket
81.5 x 89 inches
207 x 226.1 cm

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Morán Morán is pleased to present a solo project by Eric N. Mack in the Nova sector of Art Basel Miami Beach 2019. The presentation will feature works comprised of moving blankets, which behave like a canvas, embellished with a collage of materials including dye, paper, and magazine pages, revealing the relationship between the picture plane and the frame. With these soft canvases, Mack examines the history of painting and explores the action and construct of painting as not essentially static.

Formally, Mack’s work typically incorporates painting and elements of sculpture. Made from textiles, garments, page tears, and other prosaic materials, Mack often starts his compositions with readymade items, primarily related to fashion or the body, and his marks follow from those objects or materials in a string of contingent relationships. Consequently, Mack’s aesthetic involves a particular type of tactility, and his visual language speaks through his chosen materials, as well as through color, composition, and flux. His works flow and shift, alive with a spectrum of hues, irregular shapes, and poetic drama. References to the fashion industry and the figure impart a seductive quality and connect to identity, or a material fiction of desire and intention, expanding the traditional definition of painting.

Dec 06 - Dec 09, 2018

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139